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قطع همکاری با ریسلر کلاب

19/10/2013 10:41

با عرض سلام و ادب خدمت کلیه ی کاربران
به اطلاع کلیه ی کاربران می رساند با توجه به تغیر ملیت شرکت ریسلر کلاب از هندی به آمرکایی ، این شرکت قطع همکاری خود را با کلیه ی کاربران و مشتریان ایرانی خود رسما اعلام کرد.
در این اطلاعه که از طریق ایمیل برای کلیه ی نمایندگان ایرانی این شرکت ارسال شد نوشته شده است که کلیه ی دامین ها به شرکتی جدید منتقل خواهند شد. همچنین اعلام شده است که هیچ مشکلی برای دامین ها به وجود نخواهد آمد.
دسترسی به پنل های این شرکت در تاریخ 28 اکتبر (ششم آبان ماه) به طور کلی بسته می شود. کلیه ی دامین ها در تاریخ 28 اکتبر به شرکت جدید منتقل خواهند شد.
لذا ار کلیه ی کاربران تقاضا می شود در صورتی که قصد انتقال دامین به رجیسترر دیگری را دارند تا قبل از ششم آبان ماه اقدام کنند. امکان انتقال داخلی (Move Service) به طور کلی غیر فعال می باشد.
همچنین توصیه می شود هر تغییری که در دامین احتیاج است (DNS و...) تا قبل از تاریخ فوق الذکر انجام دهید.

متن کامل ایمیل ارسالی توسط ریسلر کلاب به شرح زیر می باشد:

Hello TadbirSystem,

In the coming months, ResellerClub will potentially become a US based entity and the move will result in a change in the legal jurisdiction applicable to us. From the end of October 2013, we will no longer be able to support partners and clients from Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan and Syria – and hence we will look at migrating you to an entity that we have worked tirelessly with to ensure this move is as convenient as it can be.

I cannot express how grateful I am for having had the opportunity to do business with you over all these years but unfortunately our hands are tied in this scenario. I assure you that we will do everything we possibly can to make this transition to another provider easier and reduce the impact to your business.


The system will no longer be able to support Resellers, Sub Resellers and Customers from Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan and Syria from the 28th of October. After the 28th, the system will continuously assess the country of operation of all our Resellers, Sub Resellers and Customers by making checks on country data as filed with us, IP addresses, bank accounts etc. to ensure that we conform to the US regulations.

This means that we will no longer be able to support your business with us including business done by your Sub Resellers and Customers.

Partnership with Resello

Resello, a new sister concern of RealTime Register, is a robust platform that can cater to the countries that we will no longer be able to support. They provide a similar system to ResellerClub, and they are eager to welcome you on board. We have partnered with them to help you continue your business and you can read more about Resello at www.resello.com

We picked Resello because we found them to be a stable, secure and trust-worthy partner who will not only provide you with great service but will also help your business grow.

We will be automating the move to Resello for all affected accounts and orders on 28th of October. Rest assured that your domain orders will be transferred in bulk for free for most TLDs.

Impact Details and Timeline:


  • You will need to communicate the transition  to your impacted sub-resellers & customers in a way you see fit
  • We are looking at transferring your available balance to your Resello Account
  • You will not be able to change your country settings on your ResellerClub account
  • We recommend that you take CSV reports of any information you might require from your control panel, including sub-reseller details, order details, balances etc. immediately as you will not be able to access them post 28th of October
  • Any pending actions or transactions will be cancelled on 28st of October
  • All your products with ResellerClub will be deactivated on 28th of October. We will be contacting you separately for the impact on other products not mentioned in this email

Reseller/Sub Reseller/Customer Accounts:

  • You will be signed up for a new Reseller account at Resello and provided with your login credentials by the 21st of October by the Resello team
  • On the same day, Sub-resellers under your ResellerClub account will be ported over to your new Reseller account with Resello
  • No new sub-reseller signups under your ResellerClub account will be possible after 16th of October
  • All customer accounts will be ported over along with domains on 28rd of October
  • Your current selling prices will by default be set into your new account at Resello, and you will be able to make any changes if needed. . In most cases the pricing at Resello is similar to the pricing of Resellerclub, but there may be minor changes with respect to certain ccTLDs (e.g. .RU domain names).
  • We suggest that you get acquainted with the Resello system and make any necessary pricing, tax rules or other settings during this transition period.
  • We also suggest you configure your store-front at Resello and make a test payment to ensure that your account is completely setup.
  • You will not be able to perform any order transactions on your Resello account till 28th  of October
  • All existing accounts on our system from the affected countries will be suspended on the 28th of October
  • The SuperSite and ResellerClub API will stop working for the affected accounts on the 28th of October
  • Effective today you will not be able to move accounts associated with these countries to other resellers/providers on our platform


  • We recommend  that if your domains expire within  the next 10 days, please renew your domains immediately
  • Effective today you will not be able to initiate “Domain Move” associated with Registrants from these countries to other Resellers/providers on our platform
  • Privacy Protect service will be rolled back for any domains under your account which currently avail it, by 18th of October
  • We recommend that you renew domains that are in the Auto-Renewal Grace Period before 28th of October, you will not be able to manage them post the 28th of October or you will have to manage them through Resello after the move
  • For domains in Redemption Grace Period you will be able to restore only till 28th of October and you cannot attempt any transaction after this date
  • On 28th of October, domains under your sub-resellers and customers accounts will be fast-transferred to your new account at Resello retaining the same parent-child structure as now; This means there will no addition of a domain year to the domain tenure and the transfer will be free
  • Domains transferred to Resello will retain all characteristics including nameservers, contact details etc. from their current values at ResellerClub, except for privacy protection which Resello will be launching at a future date.
  • Resello will also offer a free Sitebuilder with every domain name.
  • You will be able to manage all your Domain Names from Resello by the 3rd of November
  • There might be some specific domain extensions which might follow a different process, we will update you on the same
  • Free domain services currently offered by us like Domain Forwarding and Mail Forwarding will stop functioning on the 28th of October. We will keep the DNS active till 10th of November.


  • We will be regularly updating our Transition Status Page with any new developments as well as the status of this transition and timelines.
  • It has been a great experience doing business with you and it is unfortunate that we are unable to continue supporting your business, but we hope you will allow us to extend our services for one last time as we assist you in ensuring a hassle free transition to your new providers.

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